Illustration to accompany Ipthian Crystal Part 3. Copyright(c) 2018 by Bradley K. McDevitt. Used under license

The Ipthian Crystal: Part 3

Story by Jon Vassa

Illustration by Bradley K. McDevitt

What happens when Humans discover gateways to other dimensions? What happens when a private dick has to traverse some of the most hostile of these dimensions looking for a very special artifact, known as the Ipthian Crystal? Believe me when I say, he ain’t in Kansas anymore. Question is, will he get back out alive?

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Crimson Streets #5: ‘The Ipthian Crystal’ and Other Tales


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Thumbnail illustration for "Broken Homes" Copyright(c) 2018 Karolina Wellartova.  Used under license.Broken Homes.  By Chris Barili, Art by Carol Wallart

Tristan Neese was just an ordinary guy living in a dilapidated apartment building.  He did his best to keep to himself and ignore the filth and desperation around him.  But that little girl Tracy…she needed help, and he was compelled to give it to her.  He had heard Tracy’s drunken uncle yell at, and hurt her one too many times.  He would help her, even at his own peril.  Of course, this meant drawing the attention of The Guardians.  You see…Tristan wasn’t from our world, and he had magical power humans couldn’t understand.  But his race was in hiding on Earth, and Tristan rendering aid to this little girl would put his entire race in jeopardy.

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