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Crimson Streets 1: A Story A Week and Other Tales (Volume 1) from

Crimson Streets #1 CoverCrimson Streets #1:“A Story A Week” and Other Tales presents 26 riveting stories inspired by the classic pulp magazines of yesteryear. Beginning with the Twilight Zone-inspired tale “A Story A Week” and ending with the mystical, hard-boiled detective story “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished,” Crimson Streets spans the gamut of gritty crime stories, weird horror tales, and heroic adventures that set the pulps apart as a distinct category of literature.

Crimson Streets 2: “The Raven” and Other Tales from

Crimson Streets #2 Cover “Tell him The Raven is coming.” Those are words you never want to hear. They fill the dregs of society with fear. Who is the masked vigilante known only as The Raven? Why does he seek justice against the unjust? If you were “him” you’d be full of fear too …unless you’ve mistakenly underestimated the vigilante. Crimson Streets #2:“The Raven” and Other Tales presents 12 riveting stories inspired by the classic pulp magazines of yesteryear.

Crimson Streets 3: “Amnesty” and Other Tales from

Crimson Streets #3 Cover

What if you suddenly discovered that you had the power within you to turn an attacker against himself? What would you do? What our character does may surprise you! Find out why she’s more powerful without a weapon than with one in “Amnesty” and “Clemency”. Explore the adventure in “Seeker” and horrors in “Klinghofer’s Folly”;
with plenty in between. Dare, if you will, to read of the ancient ritual of “Lapot” and uncover its terrible truth. Go along with a female assassin on what may be her last mission in “Assassin of the Seventy-Fourth Floor”. Read of the common struggle of an every-day man, trying to determine the right thing to do in “The Foreman”.

Crimson Streets 4: ‘”In The Newspaper” and Other Tales from

Crimson Streets #4 Cover

“4:00am, his favorite time of day…Joe Reardon’s last. The air clean and fresh, his head clear, like six-time distilled vodka. As he undid the lower locks securing the accordion-like metal covering, he sensed discord, stiffened, despite the morning’s stillness.
“Morning, Reardon.” Joe Reardon looked up from a crouched position.
“What the hell do you want?”
“Hey, is that any way to greet an old friend? I want a newspaper, what else?”
“I’m not open yet. Take a hike.”
“I can wait. Besides, I’d like to talk a little business with you,” said the ex-newspaper reporter.” “In the Newspaper” by Bruce Harris, is a complex tale of greed, corruption, adultery, and yes … murder.
In this volume you will uncover a Big Top killer in “Sunset for the Tattooed Lady”, meet a bartender that serves up more than drinks in “One for the Road,” and take a deadly trip to the polar icecaps in “Polar Peril”.

Crimson Streets 5: “The Ipthian Crystal” and Other Tales from

Crimson Streets #5 Cover

“The Ipthian Crystal” by Jon Vassa. What happens when Humans discover gateways to other dimensions? and a private detective has to traverse some of the most hostile ones looking for a very special artifact? He discovers he ain’t in Kansas anymore. Question is, will he get back out alive?

Fall “Down the Rabbit Hole” with author Adam O’Connell in another hardboiled/fantasy crossover. Solve a murder case with an unassuming tobacco-pipe salesman in Bruce Harris’ “Newsstand Mayhem.” In addition, Crimson Streets #5 features stories by Tracy Falenwolfe, Martin Grise, Brandon Ketchum, Justin Short, and Nick Swain.