"Down the Rabbit Hole" by LA Spooner. Used under license.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Story by Adam O’Connell

Illustration by L.A. Spooner

When a retired detective’s daughter is abducted he’s thrust back into the world he left behind.  No other words were needed from him except “She’s my kid chief”.  To get her back, this retired detective and a rag-tag team will have to go where few venture…down the rabbit hole.

Crimson Streets #5Read Down the Rabbit Hole in Crimson Streets #5: ‘The Ipthian Crystal’ and Other Tales now available from Amazon.com.

Crimson Streets #5: ‘The Ipthian Crystal’ and Other Tales


Next Week: Thumbnail illustration to accompany Clemency. Copyright(c) 2017 by Roger Betka. Used under license

Clemency  By Chantal Boudreau, Art by Roger Betka

Next week we’ll feature a follow up story to “Amnesty” by Chantal Boudreau.  This one is titled “Clemency”.  The first story was published back on April 9, 2017.  It’s the origin story of a young woman who finds power within herself that she never knew existed.  “Clemency” finds this young woman aiding others by using her powers.  But will she be forced to go over the line?  You can only find out by reading “Clemency” next week.

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