"A Game of Chess" Copyright (c) 2019 by LA Spooner. Used under license.

A Fond Farewell… for Now


You deserve an explanation…

We’re sure you’ve wondered why we stopped taking submissions back at the first of November.  It has always been our hope/goal that sales of our anthologies would off-set the cost of production.  We offered online sales and sales at conventions.  We attempted to have the anthologies sold in bookstores.  To that end, we sent complimentary copies to over 100 stores this summer, seeking the stores to carry us.  None of them responded.  It has become obvious that we cannot hope to carry production through those outlets.  This past year we saw unexpected personal expenses with more this year.  What this all amounts to is simple.  We cannot continue producing Crimson Streets until we come up with a viable method(s) to generate revenue.  To date, we have self-funded production.  We are taking time away from publishing Crimson Streets to explore means to generate income.  We will be looking at the possibility of setting up a Patreon account, doing POD casts, and even possibly YouTube.  We will also be looking at getting advertisers.  We don’t know if/when we’ll resume publishing.  Our goal will be to start back in the third quarter of  this year.  Until then, know how much we’ve appreciated our writers and artists and their contributions.  And to our readers…thank you for following us.  Without our writers, artists, and readers, Crimson Streets would not be possible.  Please check our website and our Facebook page for updates.  Thank you, one and all, for your continued interest and support.


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