"The Harbor Watcher" by Toe Keen. Used under license.

The Harbor Watcher

Story by Martin Grise

Illustration by Toe Keen

It was September of 1940, a restive time even in neutral America, and particularly tense in New York, especially for the British.  MI6 had intercepted coded Abwehr communications indicating that certain Italian immigrants in New York, still loyal to Mussolini unlike most of their Italian-American brethren, were involved in some sort of intelligence-gathering in the city.  And so begins this story of intrigue and spying.  Would the men hired be able to neutralize the threat in time?  You’ll only find out by reading “The Harbor Watcher” in “Crimson Streets #5: ‘The Ipthian Crystal’ and Other Tales.”

Crimson Streets #5Read The Harbor Watcher in Crimson Streets #5: ‘The Ipthian Crystal’ and Other Tales now available from Amazon.com.

Crimson Streets #5: ‘The Ipthian Crystal’ and Other Tales



Next Week: Thumbnail illustration to accompany Smoke is My Shadow. Copyright(c) 2017 by John Waltrip. Used under license

Smoke is My Shadow

By Lee Blevins, Art by John Waltrip

Next week, we feature an interesting blend of hardboiled and paranormal. “Smoke is My Shadow” by Lee Blevins finds a PI suddenly adrift after an explosion leaves him somewhere between life and death.  But PI Gavel isn’t going to let a little thing like being incorporeal stop him from solving the case and bringing justice to those responsible for his …death?  You’ll enjoy this blend.

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