"Dirty Hands" Jihane Mossalim. Used under license.

Dirty Hands

Story by Tracy Falenwolfe

Illustration by Jihane Mossalim

Sully H. Maguire had spent 5 years looking for Nelson, who turned out to be a ghost of sorts.  Nelson’s wife Trixie had hired Sully to find him after he had been declared a missing person.  It smelled…like a dead skunk.  The question was…who had dirty hands?

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Crimson Streets #5: ‘The Ipthian Crystal’ and Other Tales



Next Week: 

Illustration to accompany "The La Fierra Caper"  Copyright (c) 2017 by Roger Betka.  Used under license.The LaFierra Caper and Its Rat Pack Robbers. 
By Nick Swain, Art by Roger Betka

It was supposed to be an easy heist.  At least that’s what the “Old Man” had told each of them.  None of them were supposed to know each other.  They all wore those silly Rat Pack masks and referred to themselves by Rat Pack names like Sammy, Dean and Frank.  Trouble was, each one of them carried a secret and things quickly unraveled.  Be sure to catch it next week.

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