"Merridale's Command" Copyright (c) John Waltrip. Used under license.

Merridale’s Command

Story by Martin Grise

Illustration by John Waltrip

“Merridale’s Command” reads almost like historical non-fiction.  A year after Merridale’s graduation, President Wilson declared war on the Triple Alliance. It took another year to rebuild the U.S. Army and ship it to France.  Merridale pushed the idea of forming an independent company to test the idea of paratroops. 

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Next Week: Thumbnail Illustration to accompany "Dirty Hands". Copyright(c) 2017 by Jihane Mossalim. Used under license

Dirty Hands.  By Tracy Falenwolfe , Art by Jihane Mossalim

Sully H. Maguire had spent 5 years looking for Nelson, who turned out to be a ghost of sorts.  Nelson’s wife Trixie had hired Sully to find him after he had been declared a missing person.  It smelled…like a dead skunk.  The question was…who had dirty hands?

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