"Mr. Lieber's Collection" Copryright (c) Bradley K. McDevitt. Used under license.

Mr. Leiber’s Collection

Story by Brandon Ketchum

Illustration by Bradley K. McDevitt

Mr. Johann Leiber collected odd jewelry.  The story behind an artifact counted more with him than its monetary value.  What story could his latest artifact tell?  Some stories are better left untold…

Crimson Streets #5Read Mr. Leiber’s Collection in Crimson Streets #5: ‘The Ipthian Crystal’ and Other Tales now available from Amazon.com.

Crimson Streets #5: ‘The Ipthian Crystal’ and Other Tales



Next Week: Thumbnail illustration to accompany "Amnesty" Copyright(2) 2017 by Roger Betka. Used under license.

Amnesty.  By Chantal Boudreau, Art by Roger Betka

Next up is “Amnesty” by Chantal Boudreau.  Amnesty follows the journey of a victimized young woman to an empowered…literally, superhero.  For everyone who’s ever been bullied or victimized, this story is for YOU!  Let’s face it, we all have had times where we wish we could feel more empowered and have more control over our own destinies.

What if you suddenly discovered that you had the power within you to turn an attacker against himself?  What would YOU do?  Find out Amnesty’s origin by reading it next week.

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