Taking to the Streets

by Roger Carden

Lamp Post-Mortem - by John Waltrip - Copyright (c) 2016 used by permission of the artistThe new fiction feed will officially launch next week with “A Story A Week” by Trevor Boelter.  It is an especially appropriate first story, because it reflects our format – a story a week. Each Sunday we will post pulp stories interspersed with a few features.  We have received great support from the creative community for our project, and we are reading several stories a day.  Most of them are good stories, but quite a few aren’t pulp. Author and game designer Steven Long has agreed to do a set of featurettes for us on the character archetypes of the pulp era which will be illustrated by comics artist John Waltrip.

Crimson Streets has come out of the gate faster than we expected, and we are expecting a few growing pains along the way.  We’re taking a “don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” approach, because good fiction now, is better than a perfect web site later.

Speaking of later, this summer we’re going to kick off a crowdfunding project to produce our first anthology.  It is our hope, that we can raise enough money from the crowdfunding project to support the publication of Crimson Streets into 2017.

From Janet, myself, and all the writers and artists that have made this happen,  we’re looking forward to seeing you on the streets.  

Next Week:

“A Story A Week” by Trevor Boelter

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